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Flights to Cuba – Explore places beyond the beaches

Cuba’s exotic landscapes offer gorgeous snaps perfect for Instagram updates. So for those looking for gorgeous shots for their social media updates, board flights to Cuba. The Central American picture postcard destination is popular for its colorful towns, astounding nature, and energetic locals. From stunning waterfalls to captivating sunsets and panoramic views this country lives up to its name. Cuba is home to so many mysteries which includes both urban and countryside. Even for experienced travelers, Cuba is new on every new trip. Vintage cars, colorfully contradicting houses, and pastoral living still dominates Cuba’s daily life.

Popularly known as the Pearl of Antilles, Cuba attracts travelers for its uniqueness. The largest island in the Caribbean where communism still dominates the daily discussion and people revered Che Guevara and Castro with pictures and statues in every town. Then there is the capital Havana, decked with colonial-era Baroque builds and expansive palazzos. And after sunset, the jazz and cabaret overtake the night. Just 90 miles away from the United States, Cuba has preserved its culture and political legacy without any outside influence. With so many old charms still freshly intact Cuba is an amazing place to visit and explore. Now with the ease of Covid-19, Cuba has opened its border to travelers again, and airlines are offering cheap flights to Cuba to attract more visitors to come and discover the country. Below are the popular places a tourist must explore when flying to Cuba.

Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes de La Habana

Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes de La is a fantastic place to go and explore the gem of Cuban art works. Exhibitions at the museum is a major tourist attraction in Havana. The museum is an incredible place to see masterpiece from colonial times to the modern days. The fine arts museum is a must visit for every age group. It offers wonderful experience but is also a great place to learn new things about the modern history of Cuba.

Topes de Collantes National Park

Most tourist sticks themselves to the Capital city Havana and misses the natural gems like Topes de Collantes National Park. Located in proximity to the Trinidad the nearest city offers a host of beautiful attractions like underground caves, pristine swimming pools and eye captivating waterfalls. The park beautifully nestled on the Sierra Escambray Mountains offers a refreshing escape from the urban hotchpotch to hike or dive into the refreshing pool. With dense vegetation and meandering paths leading to panoramic views, exotic waterfalls and pools don’t miss this natural gem. The park is also the abode of Pico de San Juan, the highest mountain in Cuba soaring to the height of 1150 meters (3773 feet).


The colorful and colonial town of Trinidad carries its unique charm. Boasting a population of over 73,000 it is the perfect destination to see and appreciate the colonial era Spanish architecture featuring cobblestone streets. Beautifully nestled close to the Escambray Mountains the town's quaint home may give a feel of a mountain village to the visitors. Trinidad is also one of the most photographed towns in Cuba with crowds of tourists visiting every year. With so many tourists’ footfalls the town has able to maintain its old charm.

Playa Las Tumbas

Playa Las Tumbas is exclusively for those who likes to enjoy solitude escape. And Playa Las Tumbas give them exactly what they are looking for. The prisitine beach is located remotely in the westernmost corner of the island, where only tall palm trees, soft powdery white sand and crystal clear water rule the landscapes. From Havana the beach is four hours’ drive, but it is worth. Drive to the park in itself is full of fun and unwraps remote landscape that only few lucky can witness. The beach is a part of the Peninsula de Guanahacabibes National Park.

Frequently asked questions

Multiple airlines offer direct flights to Cuba from the United States these are United, Republic Airways and Mesa Airlines.
January and February is the cheapest months to fly to Cuba. Multiple airlines offer affordable flight tickets to Cuba during these months.
May to September is considered low tourists season in Cuba. Heat, humidity and rain makes outdoor travel unfavourable. Hurricanes also occurs during the months of August to November making travel to Cuba difficult. Vacationing in Cuba during these months come with its own advantages like low crowds, discount on air tickets and hotel rooms.
The duration of a flight to Cuba from the United States depends on several factors like airline, flight route and departure airport. For example a flight from Tampa Florida (TAP) to Havana (HAV) takes 1 hour and 25 minutes, whereas New York (JFK) to Havana (HAV) takes 3 hours and 40 minutes.
The best way to secure cheap tickets to Cuba is to look for deals offered by airlines. Also, booking tickets in advance is a great way to secure cheap flight tickets to Cuba. If possible avoid flying to Cuba during peak tourist season as ticket rates are costly and low tourists season means discounted airfares.