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Flights to Maldives

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Flights to Maldives – Fly to the white-sand beaches and colorful underwater world

The Maldives is all about sun, sand, and gorgeous seashores. The archipelago nation consists of approximately 1,190 islands, and only 200 have a human population. To experience the tropical nation's energetic vibes book flights to the Maldives for unlimited fun. The destination is a favorite amongst honeymooners and adventurers, but of late, Maldives has become one of the most sought-after destinations for ultimate getaways. The beautiful tropical nation attracts tourists from all over the globe. For those who love exploring the sea, it is one of the finest destinations to escape. Whether it is snorkeling, parasailing, rafting, or diving, Maldives has got some of the world’s most beautiful locations to indulge in sea-based activities.

With so many things to do and discover in the Maldives, why deprive yourself of the ultimate elixir of life? Plan a budget vacation by booking cheap flights to the Maldives for apex fun. The destination is popular for a wide range of private luxury resorts. Some resorts have their private island offering ultimate service and experience to their patrons. With tons of outdoor activities on both the land and sea Maldives never ceases to surprise visitors. Not just for its outstanding outdoors, Maldive's local culture and cities make for a perfect exploration. Its cities are a concoction of numerous cultures and traditions that are visible in the food, attire, and festive celebrations.


Male, the capital city of the archipelago is an ideal place to see and explore the rich culture and tradition of Maldives. Cramped into a small islet the city has numerous contradictions and colors to show. Wandering down the streets ornate with the vibrant market selling spices and stacks of coconut alluring visitors to sip and enjoy the refreshing drink. Small in size, the capital somehow manages to have historical tourist attractions like the 17th-century Friday Mosque and Islamic Centre.


Utheemu is just like any other Maldivian island featuring white powdery sands, balmy weather, and crystal clear seawater. But what differentiates the island from the rest is that it is the birthplace of Sultan Mohamed Thakufaanu, revered for driving out the Portuguese invaders. Besides the spectacular outdoor tropical beauty, the historical Utheemu Ganduvaru residence and a newly built mosque make for a perfect city tour.


A visit to Feyhdhoo Island on the Addu Atoll has got many things to offer. The island’s inhabitants were once the residents of the close by Gan Island. The Britishers during World War II forced the native people out and made them settle in Feyhdhoo. Today, the island offers a glimpse into the everyday life of the locals. Here, tourists can explore Feyhdhoo's local culture and heritage besides savoring the delicious local food.

Banana Reef

Banana Reef in the Maldives is a paradise for water adventure. It is a popular destination in the world amongst divers. The outdoor scenic beauty punctuated by majestic caves, beautiful cliffs, and picturesque coral growths attract tourists from across the globe. The shallow crystal clear water is perfect for relaxed and calm diving while enjoying the serene outdoor settings. For divers, it is one of the best locations to dive because of the stunning visibility of the crystal clear water. It is also a perfect place to explore underwater marine life.


In the native dialect, Fuvahmulah translates into “Islands of the Areca nut palms”. The distinct feature of the island is that it consists of two freshwater lakes rarely found in the archipelago. Visitors to the island will also be thrilled by the presence of the Fua Mulaku Havitta, an ancient Buddhist stupa ruin. Likewise, the island is filled with multiple places of interest unique to the Fuvahmulah atoll.

Frequently Asked Questions - Flights to the Maldives

Currently, no direct flights to the Maldives are available from the United States of America.
The capital city of Male is the cheapest city to fly into the Maldives. It is also close to the Velana International airport located on the nearby Hulhulé Island and makes the city easily accessible by boat.
June to July is considered the best time to book cheap flights to the Maldives. High humidity, rain, and cloudy weather make most tourists stay away from the Maldives. But for those looking for low-cost airfare, it is the most suitable period to fly to the Maldives.
An average non-stop flight from the United States of America to the Maldives takes approximately 27 hours and 11 minutes, flying a total distance of 9,306 miles.
Maldivian Rufiyaa is the legal tender in the Maldives, but many restaurants and resorts do accept US dollars as a mode of payment. Still, it is advised to have local currency just in case.
November to April is the best time to visit the Maldives for vacation. It is the time when the archipelago experiences peak tourism season, with tourists arriving from America and Europe to enjoy the balmy weather and warm seawater to bask under the sun.