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Boston city is popular for its historical lures and live concerts which is self-explanatory why this place attracts more than 13 million vacationers every year. Boston welcomes them with so many things to do and discover, thus it is difficult to decide where to start from. Strolling through the popular Freedom trail (which is almost 2.5 miles) to exploring those 15 iconic landmarks like Bunker Hill, everything would be so mindboggling if you are a history buff. The most intriguing thing is to experience the beer-making process and savouring different varieties of beer at the Sam Adams Brewery. Boston Harbour Islands State Park is a must-see for everyone who likes adventure. The park has much to keep you active and involved, whether you want to hike, swim, or discover old ruins. So take advantage of cheap flights to Boston and get ready for a thrilling adventure.

Attractions in Boston

Boston, Massachusetts' capital, is located at the mouth of the Charles River in Massachusetts Bay. It's a city where the ancient and the modern coexist, where Freedom Trail landmarks coexist with cutting-edge eateries and cobblestone streets coexist with glass-enclosed retail arcades. Boston is home to some of the best-preserved Victorian architecture in the United States, a rich historical background, world-class art museums, a lively nightlife culture, and an astonishing array of sites. Visit historical landmarks like the Freedom Trail to learn about the city's history, take pedal-powered swan boat rides, go whale watching on a high-speed catamaran, or while away your time at sidewalk cafes.

  • The Freedom Trail: Take a stroll down the Freedom Trail, a 2.5-mile red-lined path that leads to 16 historically significant sites! Learn about daring people who changed the nation's history as you stroll along the trail, which begins at Boston Common and concludes at the Bunker Hill Monument in Charlestown.
  • Boston Public Garden: Visit Boston Public Garden, a green oasis amid the city, situated close to Boston Common, to get away from the city's hustle and bustle. Huge trees, lovely strolling trails, and the Make Way for Ducklings sculpture may all be found in the perfectly managed botanical garden. Glide over the calm lagoon on a famous Swan boat trip while watching the native swans.
  • The Museum of Fine Arts in Boston: At the Museum of Fine Arts, you can spend your afternoon admiring ancient and contemporary works of art from all around the world. Lectures, music, films, art possibilities for kids, and even cocktail parties are all held at the MFA. The museum also has a gift shop where visitors can purchase mementoes.
Flights to Boston

Boston's Regional Airports

Boston Logan Foreign Airport is the city's principal entry point, linking it to several international destinations throughout the globe. The airport provides a variety of ground transportation options, including private taxis, bus service, and auto rentals, so getting to and from the airport is never a problem. The Manchester-Boston Regional Airport, located around 50 miles from Boston, is another option for getting into the city. The airport is not as well connected to the city as Boston Logan International Airport, but it is less expensive. If you want the cheapest flights to Boston, book them well in advance. This way, you'll obtain the best deals on airfare.

Some Tips for Buying BOS Tickets

The cost of travel in Boston is highly dependent on the season. The greatest time to visit Boston is in the fall (September-December). The weather is ideal for outdoor activities, and the city hosts a variety of events. Travel during these months, which is a popular tourist season, will cost you a lot of money in terms of airline and hotel accommodations. Winter is considered the off-season for travel, and it attracts primarily skiers looking to check out new terrain. Travelling during the winter months has the advantage of saving money on airfare. To obtain the best deals on tickets to Boston, book your flight as far ahead as possible.

Frequently asked questions

Logan International Airport (BOS), also known as General Edward Lawrence Logan International Airport and Boston Logan International Airport, is an international airport in Boston, Massachusetts. It is located in the East Boston district (and partly in the town of Winthrop, Massachusetts).
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Closer to the flight date, plane tickets rarely become cheaper. Flight fares usually remain affordable between four months and three weeks before your vacation date. This is also true for plane tickets to Boston. It is advisable.