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Flights to Bora Bora – Jewel of the South Pacific

Bora Bora has all that a traveler thinks of it as a dream tropical destination. The island popularly known as French Polynesia’s leading lady, is one of the most sought-after vacation escape in the South Pacific. It is the kind of destination that everyone hopes to see in their life. The island is perfect for a dream beach wedding and is also an internationally celebrated honeymoon destination. With no direct flights to Bora Bora Island, it feels like a destination worlds away, but this South Pacific gem is just an hour's flight away from Papeete on Tahiti, the capital of French Polynesia. As soon a tourist lands in Bora Bora he will instantly get connected with the island and its solitude vibe. Right from the moment a tourist arrives to the time he part ways Bora Bora will only exceed the imagination.

Bora Bora is a destination that is loved by every traveler. Whether solo, group, couple, or family travel, the South Pacific jewel is a favorite amongst everyone. Besides its luxury beach resorts, what makes Bora Bora a surreal destination to escape is its turquoise waters, soft white sandy beaches, and heavenly settings that make the destination a dream getaway. The majority of the activities and attractions are sea-based but still tourists can explore Vaitape village. Situated on the west part of the island Vaitape has a significant population. It is the best place to taste local cuisines and discover everyday local life. Travelers are advised to rent a car or cycle as there is public transport available on the island. Bora Bora is a destination that is easier to escape. With an extensive online search, travelers can easily book cheap flights to Bora Bora for an awesome vacation. Before boarding the flight it is better to plan a destination to visit when holidaying to Bora Bora.

Matira Beach

Maitra Beach makes for an incredible escape in Bora Bora. The beach is accessible to the public and is a great way to spend the day enjoying tropical vibes. Miles of turquoise sea, soft sand coastline, tall slim swaying palm trees, and lush mountains on the backdrop make the entire location a picture-perfect destination. The beach is dotted with multiple resorts, shops, and restaurants making Matira Beach a must-visit location to visit in Bora Bora.

Mount Otemanu

The majestic mountain is a great sight to behold in Bora Bora. Standing at a height of 2358 feet, Mt. Otemanu dominated the Bora Bora Island skyline. The majestic mountain is easily visible from anywhere on the island. An excursion to the mountain base is a must to do for a traveler vacationing in Bora Bora. Though it is not possible to trek to the summit of the mountain, however, the prospect of trekking to the base of the mountain in itself is a thrilling adventure. The beautiful mountain is part of an old volcano. Covered with lush vegetation, the mountain makes for a memorable picture to click and carry back home as a memory.

Bora Bora Lagoonarium

Bora Bora is a place to experience the best of the tropics both in land and sea. And the best place to experience this is to visit Bora Bora Lagoonarium. The place is similar to a natural aquarium featuring crystal clear water and lots of marine species to explore. Besides enjoying underwater activities visitors can also enjoy delicious seafood. Nevertheless, a great place to go and enjoy a memorable outing.

Tupitipiti Point

Bora Bora is full of incredible places to discover. And Tupitipiti Point is just another majestic location on the island known for boasting incredible marine life such as sharks, parrotfish, and groupers. The waters of Tuptipiti are filled with bright corals and sponges which are a treat for the eyes. To make the trip memorable the best way is to plan a guided tour.

Mt Pahia, Bora Bora

The scenic mountain makes for an adrenaline-rushing hike to its summit. For adventure seekers, the lush mountain is an ideal place to test their skills and endurance. Measuring a height of 2000 feet, the summit of the mountain offers a stunning 360 panoramic view of the surroundings.

Frequently Asked Questions – Flights to Bora Bora

Bora Bora flight cost depends on several factors like departure airport, low or busy tourist season, and flight duration. Flights booked in advance offer cheap tickets in comparison to last-minute flights.
The cost of a plane ticket to Bora Bora varies depending on the airline, flight route, and travel flexibility. These and many other factors may increase or decrease airfares.
Major Airlines that fly into Bora Bora are United, Air New Zealand, Air Tahiti Nui, Air France, French Bee, LAN, and Hawaiian Airlines. Air Tahiti operates flights from Papeete.
To enjoy a vacation to Bora Bora you have to take a flight to Faa’a International Airport, Papeete on the Tahiti main island, French Polynesia. From Papeete, you have to board Air Tahiti to 47 island airstrips.
A non-stop flight from the United States to Bora Bora takes about 11 hours covering a distance of 5,200 miles to reach Bora Bora Island.
May to October is the best time to visit Bora Bora. During these months there is less rain and ample time to explore and indulge in a wide range of water sports activities. Shoulder season starts from November to April.
French and Tahitian are major languages spoken in Bora Bora. English is mostly spoken by resort employees.
At present, there is no restriction on international travelers visiting Bora Bora Island in Tahiti.