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Flights to Bora Bora – Fly to the remote island paradise

If you are looking for a destination akin to paradise, then Bora Bora is the place you must visit. Beautifully placed right in the center of the Pacific Ocean, the tiny island is hailed for its turquoise waters and verdant mountains. Though many cruises offer a long ride, the quick and comfortable way to escape to the island is by boarding flights to Bora Bora. Landing on the island you will be welcomed by emerald blue shallow sea water and white sand beaches. From dawn to dusk, you will be surrounded by exotic sea beauty. In the morning, the mesmerizing sunrise view and the romantic sunset will make your entire day memorable. No wonder the island's jaw-dropping outdoor scenery has ranked Bora Bora as one of the top romantic destinations among couples.

With multiple cheap flights to Bora Bora, the sea paradise has seen a large number of tourists in recent years. Not just the sea, sun, and sand, but Bora Bora is also an amazing place to discover the Polynesian culture. The island has so much to offer to visitors from coral reefs to watersports activities like snorkeling and getting a close encounter with sea creatures like stingrays. The island offers interesting activities to enjoy. With so many things to explore, below are the fantastic recommendations from our side to visit these places on Bora Bora Island.

Matira Beach

Regarded as one of the most beautiful beaches on the planet, Matira Beach's miles of soft powdery sand, palm trees, and picturesque green hills on the backdrop make it a picture-perfect location to visit. It is the only beach that can be accessed freely by the public. The soft sand in Matira Beach gently slides into the seawater, perfect to walk and swim in the shallow warm water. The beach is also the perfect location to go with kids and let them play in the shallow warm water without worrying about any danger.

Mount Otemanu

At a height of 2,358 feet, Mount Otemanu overlooks the entire Bora Bora Island. The majestic mountain is a spectacular sight to behold as it can be easily seen from anywhere on the island. The lush green vegetation on the mountain's foot, black rugged rocks, and emerald sea water below form the spectacular sight. The mountain is the result of the volcanic eruptions that took place on the island. With the help of a local guide, tourists can embark on a thrilling trek to the base of the mountain. Due to the fragile rock, it is almost next to impossible to summit the mountain. But hiking to the mountain's base is an exciting adventure and not to be missed on a vacation to Bora Bora.

Tahiti Pearl Market

The Tahiti Pearl Market is a must-visit place on your trip to Bora Bora. It is a unique place to go and discover the process of turning beautiful pearls into jewelry pieces. The best thing is that most of the pearl jewelry is customized and handmade right in front of you. These pearl jewelry here are perfect to carry as souvenirs back home with you. Even for those who are not into jewelry, the pearl market is a great place to go and explore more about the pearl and how they are collected and made into shining luxury high-end ornaments.

Frequently Asked Questions – Flights to Bora Bora

Bora Bora flight cost depends on several factors like departure airport, low or busy tourist season, and flight duration. Flights booked in advance offer cheap tickets in comparison to last-minute flights.
The cost of a plane ticket to Bora Bora varies depending on the airline, flight route, and travel flexibility. These and many other factors may increase or decrease airfares.
Major Airlines that fly into Bora Bora are United, Air New Zealand, Air Tahiti Nui, Air France, French Bee, LAN, and Hawaiian Airlines. Air Tahiti operates flights from Papeete.
To enjoy a vacation to Bora Bora you have to take a flight to Faa’a International Airport, Papeete on the Tahiti main island, French Polynesia. From Papeete, you have to board Air Tahiti to 47 island airstrips.
A non-stop flight from the United States to Bora Bora takes about 11 hours covering a distance of 5,200 miles to reach Bora Bora Island.
May to October is the best time to visit Bora Bora. During these months there is less rain and ample time to explore and indulge in a wide range of water sports activities. Shoulder season starts from November to April.
French and Tahitian are major languages spoken in Bora Bora. English is mostly spoken by resort employees.
At present, there is no restriction on international travelers visiting Bora Bora Island in Tahiti. Multiple flights on daily basis fly to Bora Bora offering discounted airfares.