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Premium Economy Class Flights

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Premium Economy Flights

A definite upgrade from economy class, premium economy flights offer improved amenities at prices lower than business class. Greater legroom space, bigger and more comfortable seats, additional recline, upgraded meal options, and additional amenities which might include headphones or amenity kits are some of the features that make this section special. No wonder, it has emerged as a very popular option for travelers who want to travel a little more lavishly but who do not want to pay a fare equivalent to business or first class.

Premium Economy Vs Economy

The difference between premium and economy class is on almost every front and everywhere the difference is stark. Read on to understand more.

Comfort & Space:

  • Economy Class: Seating in this segment is more compact. The legroom space is less while the seats themselves are narrow and small. Flying in economy class can prove to be tiring and cumbersome, especially on longer flights.
  • Premium Economy Class: In this category, the passengers enjoy more spacious seating as they are provided with bigger, wider seats and extra legroom space which makes for a comfortable and pleasurable journey.


  • Economy Class: The facilities provided for passengers in the economy class are very elementary. Yes, meals are offered on longer flights but the option is limited. Drinks, especially alcoholic, have to be purchased and amenity kits might not be available at all.
  • Premium Economy Class: The passengers traveling in premium economy class enjoy a range of amenities which might include priority check-in, a range of food options, complimentary drinks (this might also include alcoholic beverages on some airlines), amenity kits, and in some cases access to airport lounges.

Additional Features:

  • Economy Class: The passengers in this section are allowed standard baggage allowances and might even be charged for extra baggage or ticket changes.
  • Premium Economy Class: Passengers traveling in this category are entitled to additional features like enhanced baggage allowance priority baggage handling, policies for flexible ticket change, etc.


  • Economy Class: It is the cheapest option available on any airline. Simple amenities and facilities are provided to travellers in this category at a cheaper rate than premium economy class or other classes.
  • Premium Economy Class: The tickets in this category are higher than economy class but lower than business class. The price difference largely depends on the airline, time of the booking, route, etc.

Benefits of Premium Economy Air Fare Deals

Deals in Premium economy airfare come with a range of benefits for travelers. Prominent amongst them are listed below.

  • Opulent Seats: Forget your fatigue once you have seated in the spacious and comfortable seats and rest on the cozy, cushy pillow. No discomfort is experienced and the longest of flights passes off without you noticing once the seats are comfortable and accommodating in the premium economy section.
  • Customized Comfort: If you are flying in the premium economy section then you can adjust the leg rest, spread your leg in the extra leg space, relax in a comfortable recline, and arrange your headrest to get maximum comfort. Needless to say, it is a big relief, particularly on longer flights.
  • Spacious Woodgrain Table: Work, enjoy your drink, or dine on the spacious woodgrain table. It can facilitate either of what you do and would never let you feel the inconvenience.
  • Amenity Kit: Amenity kit filled with essentials like toothbrushes, lip balm, lotion, ear plugs, eye mask, etc. will keep you in good stead, especially on the longer flights.
  • Soft Blankets: Snuggle inside the soft blanket and enjoy a refreshing sleep as you are flown to your destination with utmost ease and comfort.
  • Big, Comfortable Pillows: Rest your head on large pillows that will soak the fatigue out and give you much-needed relaxation. Something that would come in very handy during longer flights.

Airlines that Offer Premium Economy Facilities

There are quite a few airlines that offer premium economy flights. Prominent amongst them are listed below.

  • United Airlines
  • Lufthansa
  • Qantas Airways
  • Air New Zealand
  • Eva Air
  • Singapore Airlines
  • Air France
  • Aeroflot
  • Japan Airlines
  • Virgin Australia
  • China Airlines

Frequently Asked Questions

It is a cabin class provided in quite a few airlines and falls between economy and business class. It is devised to offer more comfort and amenities to the passengers than economy class and, in most cases, tickets less pricey than business class.
Oh yes, first of all, the economy seats are elementary sitting arrangements on any airline that offers rudimentary amenities. Premium economy seats are renowned for being spacious with an inch or two in access to what is available in the economy section. Premium economy seats are also renowned for recline sets with footrests which makes travelling so much fun
For one word comfort! You would be offered additional comfort and amenities than what you would get in economy class and at prices much less than business class. No need to say that it is precisely for this reason that premium economy flights have gained a reputation as cheap premium economy flights and have masses falling for it.
No, all flights do not offer premium economy. It is mostly available on long-distance international flights. However, it should also not be forgotten that there are a few airlines that offer premium economy on a few select domestic as well as international routes of shorter duration.
In quite a few instances it is possible to get your ticket upgraded to the premium economy even after booking into the economy section. Some airlines offer paid upgrades while some allow travelers to utilize points earned through frequent-flyer programs. This is however subject to the airline’s policy and seat availability.
Each airline has its price structure for the different classes it offers and the same holds for economy and premium economy sections. However, it can still be assumed that the normal price difference between the economy class and premium economy section is roughly around 1.5 to 2 times the economy ticket fare on the same route.
There are quite a few airlines that offer premium economy seats. These include United Airlines, Lufthansa, Qantas Airways, Air New Zealand, Eva Air, Singapore Airlines, Air France, Aeroflot, Japan Airlines, Virgin Australia, and China Airlines.
The amenities offered to travelers differ from airline to airline. However, some of the amenities that are common to all the airlines include bigger, wider seats with 5 to 7 inches of more legroom space, wider menu to choose from for the meals, complimentary beverages that might also include hard drinks on few airlines, priority boarding, more entertainment option and personalized cabin crew, etc.
There are quite a few ways how you can book premium economy seats. First of which has to be booking early which would brighten your chances of grabbing your preferred seats at the most economical rates. The other option would be to book your tickets through a frequent flyer program where you can use your points to earn an upgrade. Airlines also come up with promotional offers which can be used for premium economy tickets. Planning your trip during the off-season is also a good way to secure premium economy seats at economical rates.