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Flights to Jamaica

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Flights to Jamaica

Jamaica a peppy and colorful Caribbean island nation has its unique way of welcoming tourists. The island is world-over known for its beaches, rainforest and lush mountains rolling with green vegetation. With so many things to do every year thousands of backpackers flock to the island nation to enjoy the beautiful sunshine and scintillating beaches. Not only the nature is breathtaking but the cities are also colorful and inviting. Friendly locals, refreshing outdoors and lip-smacking seas food, vacation in Jamaica only gets better with each passing day. Every year the number of tourists visiting the island is only increasing. To deal with it many airlines have increased their flights to Jamaica to cater to a large number of tourists. Travelers looking forward to visiting Jamaica below are the top tourist attractions a backpacker must visit on a holiday escape to Jamaica.

Negril Beach – Jamaica is known for beaches and it is impossible to avoid them. Negril Beach arguably is one of the most beautiful beaches in the Carrabin. The outdoor at the beach is scenically laden with tall palm trees, cabana restaurants and beach resorts. The beach is a hot spot for nature lovers or backpackers looking for water-related sports activities such as snorkeling, swimming and more. The blue crystal clear water of the sea makes the beach a perfect destination to witness an array of colorful fishes. To the south of the beach Negril Cliffs overlooks the coral-laden beach. The location attracts tourists and locals looking to jump off these cliffs.

Port Antonio – Port Antonio is a laid-back and relaxed resort town that attracts day-trippers and tourists in search of refreshing outdoors. The small fishing town carries old-world charm that makes it distinct from other holiday destinations in Jamaica. On a trip to Port Antonio, backpackers can expect to find themselves doing trekking in the dense jungles, enjoying rafting at the Rio Grande, witnessing the magnificent Reach Falls and indulging in underwater activities like snorkeling, diving and catching glimpse of the coral reefs. The key attraction of the place includes swimming at the picturesque Blue Lagoon. To reach this incredible destination Jamaica flights operate from Kingston and other parts of the island. Travelers can board any one of them to visit this laid-back small port town.

Kingston – Kingston, Jamaica's vibrant capital will be the first to welcome travelers on vacation to Jamaica. Being the largest metropolis in Jamaica, its history dates back to 1692. Take a day or two out to explore Kingston’s colorful streets and tourist attractions. Don’t forget to visit the famous Bob Marley Museum to know more about the legend’s life. Walk the streets to explore the local market and don’t be shy to bargain, enjoy the delicious food, try salsa dance and enjoy the evening at any club to end the energetic day. On the next day drive to the Holywell Park or take a boat ride to the Lime Cay Island to soak in the sun, take a bath at the Rockfort Mineral Baths and end the day with a sip of the famous Jamaican rum. The capital city is the gateway to lively Carrabin Island and backpackers on a budget trip can easily find cheap flights to Jamaica to quench their thirst to visit the beautiful island.

Frequently asked questions

It all depends on the nature of the flight. An average non-stop flight takes 5 hours and 28 minutes to reach Jamaica. The shortest flights to Jamaica from the US takes 3 hours and 44 minutes to land at Sangster International Airport located in Montego Bay, Jamaica.
A traveler has two options when boarding a flight from Atlanta to Jamaica. He can go for route number one which is Atlanta to Montego Bay, this flight will take 2hours and 40 minutes. Whereas flight from Atlanta to Kingston will take 4hours and 35 minutes to reach Jamaica's capital city.
There are two flight routes one is Chicago to Montego Bay which takes 4hours and 5 minutes (non-stop) and the other is Chicago to Kingston (1 stop) and it takes 5hours and 35 minutes.
The best thing is that there are two non-stop flights from New York to Jamaica, one lands in Montego Bay and the other in Kingston, Jamaica.
A non-stop flights from Philadelphia to Jamaica takes 3 hours and 40 minutes. Those looking for cheap airline tickets to Jamaica can take a one-stop flight to Norman Manley International Airport in Kingston, Jamaica.
There are two non-stop flights from Miami to Jamaica and both the flights reach the destination in 1hour and 40 minutes, covering a distance of 558.38 miles.
Traveling to Jamaica on a tight budget and looking for low-cost budget airlines, the good news is that many airlines offer cheap flights to Jamaica. A traveler can secure affordable tickets to Jamaica by booking a seat on last-minute flights to Jamaica.
Jamaica is visited by travelers from across the globe with their own expectations and budget. But for budget vacationers, August is the cheapest month to fly to Jamaica.
There are umpteen direct flights to Jamaica taking off from different states of the US. And due to large number of flights travelers have a high chance of getting cheap plane tickets to Jamaica.
Virgin Atlantic offers a comfortable flight journey to travelers boarding the Virgin Atlantic airlines to Jamaica. Virgin Atlantic also offers non-stop flights to Jamaica for a quick getaway to Carrabin Island.
Flying to Jamaica from Nigeria, but not sure what ticket prices cost, well it all depends on the flight time and in which season a person is traveling. Generally, late night and early morning flight costs less. Planning a trip during the low holiday season is also a great way to secure cheap airlines ticket to Jamaica.