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Flights to Africa

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Flights to Africa

Africa is a synonym for wildlife. This land is not only rich with wild animals but also rich with traditions. There are unlimited safaris that are waiting for you there. The safari at the Addo Elephant National Park is the most popular one. So, if you are a lover of wildlife and nature, then start looking for Flights to Africa. You can connect with us, and we’ll ensure that we get the cheapest rates for you.

Another thing that makes Australia unique is the wildlife, including Kangaroos, Dingos, Wallabies, Wombats, Koala, Platypus, and Echidna. It is fascinating to see the wildlife native to Australia. To spice up the Australian vacation, stunning beaches along with shallow blue water and beautiful coastal cities to maiden visitors is hard to fathom. With so many things to explore, behold and pamper tourists keenly look for cheap flights to Australia to visit this gem of a country. So, before you make any further schedules to travel to Australia, it is important to pre-plan the places you will visit.

Ways to find cheap flights to Africa

Getting cheap flights is very easy and simple. For that, you only need to stick to some basic tips. In this manner, you will be able to easily find cheap flights to Africa. Once you have got the air ticket, then you will be ready to visit your dream destination Africa.

  • Flexibility is the Key

It is necessary to ensure that you are flexible with the dates and the destination for Africa. You need to look for the cheapest day of the month. This is going to ensure that you get the cheapest price. In the same manner, you can also be flexible with the destination. Choose a place in Africa to visit that is cheaper than the other places. This will give you a double benefit. To know the cheapest days, you can visit the monthly calendar of the airline.

  • Subscribe to the newsletter

The newsletter of the airlines can provide you with all the important information. It sends the price alerts to the customers, once they have subscribed to it. In this way, you will be one of the first to grab the latest offer.

  • Avoid weekends

The most important thing is to ensure that you avoid the weekends. That is because most people like to visit their dream destinations, and especially Africa, during weekends. This makes the air tickets price rise for the weekends. So, you have to ensure that you fly during the weekdays.

  • Book connecting flights

Undoubtedly connecting flights are far cheaper than direct flights. So, to make the booking within your budget, you need to make certain that you avoid direct flights.

Steps to contact customer service

There are different ways to connect with the customer service team of any airline or online travel agency. The benefit of connecting with the customer service team is that you directly get the support of an expert. You can call the customer service team, email them, or even live chat.

Call the expert

Calling is the fastest and the most convenient way to contact the customer service team. You only need to follow the basic steps that are provided below. Soon, you’ll be in touch with the customer service team.

  • Visit the website of your airline or preferred online travel agency.
  • Choose the “Contact Us” option.
  • Now on the next page dial the landline number that is given.
  • Once you have dialled it, then your call will be connected to the IVR menu.
  • Choose the relevant options from the menu, and soon you’ll be speaking with an expert.

Live chat with the expert

Live chat has its benefits. In case you cannot make a call due to some reason, then live chat can help you in that situation.

  • Open the official website of your airline, or the online travel agency.
  • Make the selection of the Contact Us button.
  • You need to select the chat icon.
  • A chat box will open up.
  • Choose the relevant options for your query, and your chat will be connected to a live person.

Email your query

Email is certainly not the fastest way to get a response, but it is one of the most reliable ways. The best part of the email is that you will be able to save a copy of the email.

  • Log in to your personal email address and compose a new email.
  • Write the whole query, and even attach the relevant documents if that will be required.
  • Now send it to the official email address of the airline.
  • Soon, you will receive the reply, and you’ll also be able to save a copy of the email.

Different Methods to make the booking for flights to Africa

Using the official website of the airline is not the only way to make a booking. There are different ways through which you can make the booking. All those paths are given below for your convenience. You can choose the one that suits you.

  • Connect with an online travel agency. They are going to ensure that you get the best offers. Make sure that you connect with them in advance. In this manner, you are going to have more deals to make your selection.
  • You can choose to contact online travel agency. They have experts with several offers. Online travel agencies have teams of individuals who are trained to find cheap flights. You can even connect with us, and we are going to offer you the Africa Flights at the lowest costs.
  • There is one more way to make the booking. That is to visit the airport and make the booking. Making the booking at the airport is cheaper in most cases. That is because you can avoid a lot of taxes.

Frequently Asked Questions: Flights to Africa

September is one of the cheapest months to visit Africa. However, the cheapest months are different for different countries. But in most cases, it has been seen that September is the cheapest month to visit Africa.

Several major airlines fly to Africa because this destination is loved by many people around the world. You can see some of the names below.

  • Etihad Airways
  • Jazeera Airways
  • Qatar Airways
  • Indigo
Yes, direct flights are certainly available for Africa. For example, you can take a direct flight from Newark Liberty International Airport to Cape Town. In the same manner, there are direct flights to Africa available from many other airports.
The exact time duration of a non-stop flight to Africa depends on several factors. One of the main factors is where you have boarded the flight. In case your boarding point was New York, then you will take over 14 hours to reach your destination.
There are several reasons why the cost of African flights are so high. Some of the factors are statutory charges, taxes, airport taxes, air navigation, weather services and many more. But the biggest factor is the love of people for Africa, because of which many people love to visit this wildlife heaven.
Yes, you can certainly do web check-in, for that, you only need to get on the official website of the airline. The other way to check-in is to use the Kiosk machine which is available in most of the airports.
For Africa, many travellers have suggested that one trip is certainly not enough. So, make sure that at least you are spending 18 to 19 days on one trip to Africa. That will certainly tell you a lot about this beautiful country.
There are several months to visit Africa. But July to October is considered as the best time to visit this country that possesses the beauty of wildlife.
Flights to Africa are the best way to visit Africa without any doubt. You only need to visit the official website of any airline or connect with an online travel agency. You can even visit the airport to make the booking for Africa. Making the booking at the airport might be slightly cheap. You will be able to avoid some of the taxes that gets included in the ticket while booking online.