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Corsair International – Book Cheap Flights 

Corsair International is a celebrated French airline founded in 1981. The airline with its rich legacy has been ruling the sky and flying to destinations across the region and the globe. Since its inception, the airline has become a frontrunner in the aviation industry offering passenger quality service and hospitality. 

The airline's headquarter is situated in Rungies, France. From there the company operates flights to a wide range of destinations. Corsair International is also a prestigious member of the TUI Group, allowing the airline to get access to a range of expertise and resources. The airline globally is hailed for offering incredible onboard hospitality to every passenger.

Corsair International Destinations 

The airline flies to a wide range of destinations connecting people and places across the regions. Since its inception, the airline has been the most sought-after airline for traveling within the region. Besides regularly flying the airline also offer seasonal flights to the majority of the destination.

West Indies: In the Caribbean Island the airline flies to Pointe-à-Pitre and Fort-de-France.

Indian Ocean: Within Indian Ocean Reunion, Mayotte, Mauritius, and Madagascar.

Africa: In Africa, the airlines fly to Ivory Coast, Mali, and Benin.

Montreal: Seasonal flights

France province (to and from): It operates regular flights to Lyon, Marseille, and seasonal flights to Nantes, and Bordeaux.

Corsair International Meals

Economy Class

• Passengers traveling Economy Class will be served a starter, main course, and dessert.

• Passengers can also choose themed meals to enhance their dining experience.

• The “Prestige” and the “Signature” meals are available onboard to make the flight experience unforgettable.

• A wide range of beverages are also served.

Premium Class 

• Complimentary meals of choice are served in Premium Class.

• Passengers can treat themselves to an "à la carte dining experience.

• Passengers looking to elevate their dining experience can opt for themed meals, which consist of "Prestige" and the "Signature".

• The special meals are available for purchase only.

Business Class

• Passengers can treat themselves to world-class gastronomical delights.

• The dish prepared by popular chefs and served on porcelain plates.

• Special meals "Prestige" and the "Signature" are served to passengers on demand.

• A wide selection of beverages alcoholic and non-alcoholic is also served.

Corsair International Cabin Class 

Premium Class

• Premium Class seats are the epitome of luxury and class featuring a footrest and recline perfect for ultimate comfort.

• The space between the two rows of seats ensures that passengers traveling premium class enjoy their ride.

• Utmost attention is also given to in-flight ambiance such as Moodligtning, which changes as per the day outside.

• 25-inch individual screen perfect for in-flight entertainment.

• Wi-fi on board is available.

Business Class

• Business Class is the epitome of luxury featuring Lie flat bed seat with storage space for personal items.

• Moodligtning inside the cabin replicates the outside natural light for a relaxed journey.

• Passengers can enjoy uninterrupted Wi-Fi on board Airbus A330neo.

• 1 iPad Pro in Business Class is provided to passengers on Business Class.

• Noise-reducing headset is available in business class.

Economy Class

• Comfy and ergonomic seats in economy class offer the utmost relaxation.

• Individual screen for enjoying quality in-flight entertainment.

• USB port for charging devices.

• For more comfort people in economy class can choose their seats with more legroom.

• A blanket and pillow are offered in economy class. 

Corsair International Baggage Allowance Policy

Checked Baggage

• Checked baggage may vary depending on the route and ticket fare.

• In economy class 1 piece of baggage with weight not exceeding 23 kg. In some routes, 2 pieces with a weight not exceeding 23 kg are allowed.

• In premium economy class 2 pieces of 32 kg each per leg.

• In business class 2 pieces of 32 kg each.

Carry-on Baggage

• Passengers are allowed on one piece of carry-on baggage.

• The maximum weight for Economy class is 12kg and 18 kg for Premium cabin and Business class.

• Maximum dimensions for a cabin suitcase are 55 x 23 x 40 cm and for a cabin bag 25 x 20 x 33 cm.

Corsair International Check-in Facilities

Airport Check-in: Airport check-in is available at the airport. Passengers can go to the airport check-in counter and the airline’s staff members will be there offering assistance. Passengers can avail of the services of these check-in counters to get their boarding passes, drop off checked baggage, and get any assistance from the airline staff.

Online check-in: Online check-in is available both from desktop and mobile devices. Passengers can access the online check-in facility 72 hours before the flight departure. 

Mobile App Check-in: The service is pretty much the same as the online check-in. Passengers can access the mobile check-in through the company’s app and can start the check-in process while on the move from their smartphone or tablet devices.

Self-Service Kiosks: Passengers can check in through self-service kiosks available at the selected airports. The self-service kiosks are available 12 hours to 2 hours before the scheduled flight departure. At the self-service kiosks passengers without any assistance can check in, select their seats, obtain boarding passes, or provide any important travel details.

Corsair International Frequent Flyer Program 

Club Corsair is the frequent flyer program of Corsair International. Passengers can easily become members of the loyalty program by joining the program. The program is segmented into three tiers - Club, Gold, and Platinum. Passengers can earn points by frequently flying with the airline or taking the services of their associates. Credits earned can be used to avail of multiple services and benefits like upgrades, excess baggage allowance, seat plus, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)–Corsairfly Flights

Yes, Corsair International allows hassle-free group booking with a minimum of 10 people. All passengers traveling in the group will have to travel on the same outbound and inbound flights. 

People looking to book a flight for same-day departure must visit the airport sales counter 4 hours before the flight departure. Online the airline does not allow people to book the flight on the same day departure. 

The airline provides a complimentary baggage allowance of 10kg with dimensions all sides must not exceed 158 cm.

Corsair International allows passengers to book multi-destination tickets. Passengers can book the ticket and enjoy hassle-free flights to multiple destinations across the route.