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Bulgaria Air

The most trustworthy airline you can come across from Bulgaria is Bulgaria Air. Sofia Airport (SOF) is the main hub of this airline, which is a synonym for reliability and trust. Founded in 2002, this airline has been gaining the trust and faith of customers for over two decades now. This airline covers 26 destinations, with a fine amount of fleet size that is 14. They ensure that people across these destinations get regular service of their aircraft. Bulgaria Air is the pride of the nation, not only because it is a national carrier, but also because of its perfect service. A complete hassle-free service is something they assure the customers. 


Bulgaria Air covers a total of 26 destinations, but 22 of those are covered by the Sofia Airport (SOF). Burgas and Varna are two of the domestic places that are covered through this airport. They are known for being on time, so you can rest assured about the time you will reach your destination. 


The quality of the meals is not going to be compromised in any of the cabins. But the menu is going to be slightly different. You can get the perfect glimpse of the meals below as per the cabins. 

  • Economy class 

The passengers in the economy class will be offered delicious food in the cabin. At the same time, they are also going to have several choices. For example, in beverages, you are going to have a choice between alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. If you are on a short-haul flight, then you will have more sandwiches, snacks and dessert options. In the case of long-haul flights, your food menu is going to expand. 

  • Business class 

Business class passengers are going to get improved food service. The time a business class passenger is going to board the flight, he/she will be served with a complimentary drink. That is certainly going to bring a smile to your face. You will be served with the hot meals that are going to be cooked by some of the best chefs available. His snacks and drinks are going to be complimentary for the passengers in the business class. 

Cabin class

Two cabin classes are available with Bulgaria Air. One is economy and the other is business. You can easily make your choice between these two. You only need to think which one fits in your budget. Once you have made up your mind, then you are ready to go. 

  • Economy class 

In economy class, you are going to get a service that will include friendly staff, delicious meals, and comfortable seats. The seats are set in the configuration of the 2x2 or 3x3. These seats are designed to give ample width and legroom. The seats are designed in a way that they are going to give you a good amount of room. 

  • Business class 

The most premium cabin of the airline is the business class. Every facility in this cabin is going to be a far better experience for you. Passengers are going to get priority check-in and check-out facilities. The seats of the business class are set out in the 2x2 way. This makes the journey even more relaxed for the customers. 

In Bulgaria Air, you will not be receiving the wifi service, and the facility for in-flight entertainment is also not there. But there is no doubt for the long haul flights the airline is going to provide you with extra features. 

Baggage Policy 

For carry-on and checked baggage, this airline has different policies. You can see the details about the baggage below. 

Carry-on baggage 

In economy class, the passenger is allowed to carry one free baggage of up to 10kg. However, in business class, a passenger is going to be entitled to two items with the free carry-on baggage. However, the combined total weight should not be over 15 kg. 
The dimensions of the baggage should not be more than 55cm x 40cm x 20cm. You are allowed to bring one personal item like a laptop, handbag, backpack, etc with you. However, it should not be too big, so that it can easily fit underneath the seat. 

Checked baggage

In business class, a passenger is going to have the option of two free checked baggage. It is also important to ensure that the weight of the baggage does not go above 32 kg per piece. 
In economy class, the passengers are allowed to carry one free checked baggage. The weight of the baggage should not exceed 23kg. The overall dimension of the baggage should not be more than 158 cm. 

Check-in facilities 

The two main methods of check-in are online and by visiting the airport. You can get the basics of both below. 

Online check-in 

For online check-in, you can visit the website of Bulgaria Air. Then you only need to select the option of ‘check-in.’ Once you have entered the booking number and full name, then you can finish the check-in process. At the end download the boarding pass. 

Airport check-in 

This is the old method of check-in. For this, you only need to visit the airport. But for this, you have to ensure that you have reached the airport at least two hours before the departure time of the flight. On the other hand, for international flights, you have to reach the airport at least three hours before the departure time of the flight. 

Kiosk Check-in 

Kiosk machines are also available in a lot of airports. You can also use these for check-in and getting the print of your boarding pass. 

Awards and Recognition

Skytrax has rated this airline as a three-star airline. So, it means it is very reliable, and at the same time, it has maintained its international standards too. For seat comfort, this airline has received the best rating. This means comfort is guaranteed by them. 

Frequently asked question - Bulgaria Air

How can I find cheap flights? 

Finding cheap flights requires very few tips. But the most important one is to ensure that you make the booking early. In case of domestic flights make your booking a couple of months in advance, and in case of international flights three months prior. 

Which is the cheapest day to fly? 

Tuesday is considered as the cheapest day to fly. But if you have a plan to make a booking for an international trip, then flying on Wednesday and Thursday is going to be the cheapest. 

How early should I visit the airport for check-in?

Ensure that you have reached the airport at least three hours before the departure of the flight. In this manner, you are not going to face any hassle in the process of check-in.

What are the methods of making payments on the Bulgaria Air website? 

You can make the payment through a credit card online, or you can even use the bank transfer method. These two are the best methods to make the payment. 

Can I change my flight?

Yes, you can certainly change your flights. For that ensure that you make the changes at least forty-eight hours before the departure time. But with the change of flight, you cannot change the destination.